Leap for Joy | Sermon

Pastor Bramwell preached this sermon on Luke 1:44 for the Fourth Sunday in Advent (Rorate Coeli) on December 18, 2022.

Sermon Notes

What Greek word is only used in this reading and in Luke 6:23? What does it mean?

Elizabeth explains why John leaped in her womb when Mary greeted her. She said he leaped for  _______.

Are we to leap for the same reason in Luke 6:23? What is the context of the leaping in chapter 6?

How is the Greek word translated in Genesis 25:22?

What can you expect when you prophesy (speak the truth) about Jesus to your neighbors?

Why do we rejoice when we are hated, excluded, reviled, and spurned as evil on account of Jesus?

St. Mark Lutheran Church posts Rev. Bramwell’s sermons online for the sake of the members of our congregation who are unable to gather with us due to illness, work, etc. This resource is not intended to discourage anyone from gathering in person around God’s Word and Sacraments. Matthew 18:20 and Hebrews 10:25 make it clear that God’s Divine Service is meant to be experienced physically with other Christians.

We give thanks to God that these sermons are a blessing to you and pray that if you’re in Humboldt County, you will join us on Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM as God wills. (See the map below for directions.) If you’re not within driving distance of Ferndale CA, we encourage you to use the Church Locator at LCMS.org to find a church near you so you can gather in person with the communion of saints in your area.

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