The Divine Service is the primary way to get involved at St. Mark. It is also the simplest. Just come and rest in the Lord. You may not believe it, but just being present is a great way to be involved and a huge service to your neighbors. It is encouraging and supportive in a powerful way.

For those who would like serve their neighbors in a specific way during the Divine Service we have compiled a list of wonderful ways you can do so. Contact us via phone, email, or in person at church and we’ll get the ball rolling to plug you in:


A smiling face and a handshake (or hug) along with a brief greeting are simple ways to tell those entering the church building on Sunday that they are welcome here.


Helpful souls who will assist you with needs that may arise during the service. They’re the ones ready to hand you a bulletin as you enter the sanctuary. You’ll see them again at the collection of the congregation’s offering and then again to usher each pew to the altar during the distribution of the Lord’s Supper.


Usually youth, but not always. These dear saints light the candles on the altar at the beginning of the Divine Service. When the service is over they’re responsible for extinguishing the flames.


How would we know it was time for the Divine Service to begin if no one rang the church bell? The bell-ringer also tells the world something very special is occurring within our walls on Communion Sundays when he/she rings the bell during our Lord’s words of institution.

Altar Guild

While technically the members of this group don’t serve during the Divine Service, the church enjoys the fruit of their labor during worship. The ladies in the altar guild are the ones who prepare the altar for Communion, making sure everything is in order so the church can receive the gifts offered in the Eucharist. If has to do with paraments, linens, Communion ware, or just about anything in the chancel they’re the one’s taking care of it.


During worship our attention is directed to the altar, the place where God’s gift of forgiveness is delivered to us in Holy Communion. The flowers that flank the altar draw our attention in an appropriate way to the beauty of grace of the cross of Christ. A sign-up sheet is available in the fellowship hall for anyone who like to serve their neighbor by providing altar flowers.

Sound Tech

The musical accompaniment to the liturgy and our hymns is currently conducted via pre-recorded music. The sound tech is our “organist,” playing the music as a service to the congregation.

Other Sign-ups

After church we love to spend time with each other and it has become our custom to visit over coffee and a small (and occasionally not so small) bite to eat. If when you think about getting involved in church you think about feeding people, consider signing up to do so.

Of course, coffee and snacks require clean up. Help cleaning the kitchen is also always needed and ALWAYS appreciated. You can sign up for this too.