Family Bible Studies

Sunday Morning, 9 AM – 10 AM.

Revelation is one of the most intriguing books of the Bible. It’s packed with intense imagery that captures the imagination. It also is about what’s happening now until the Lord’s return.

Tuesday Evening, 6 PM – 7PM.

A 42-week survey of the Bible beginning with Genesis and ending with Revelation. Specifically created to meet the needs of all, with handouts for all ages. This type of alignment of learning provides us with some amazing opportunities.  

  • First, it helps all ages of the congregation speak a common theological language. 
  • Second, it helps us as God’s people build an understanding of the lifelong nature of learning God’s Word – that we don’t just learn the narratives once or twice before moving on to other matters.  
  • Third, it helps equip households to teach the faith at home.  

If the adults in our congregation spend time meditating and discussing the narratives of the Bible while at the same time the younger generations are studying those same narratives, then there will be greater opportunity throughout the week to reflect together upon what the narrative says and what it means. In other words, studying the narratives of the Bible as adults is a blessing in and of itself, but it also helps equip parents and our congregation’s older generations to be more confident and feel empowered to extend those conversations into the household.  

Wednesday Evening, 6 PM – 7PM.

In this chapter-by-chapter study of the Book of Acts, we learn how the early church was formed and what they went through, seeing just how the Lord sustained them and blessed them despite persecution. The church of our day has much to learn from the apostolic age!