In April of 2022, Pastor Bramwell was canceled from his once-a-month Community Comment on KINS 106.3 FM.


Because he spoke the truth in love, called a thing what it is, and denounced cultural lies without equivocation.

All in God’s timing and according to His will. Around the time KINS canceled Pastor Bramwell he was talking with about relaunching the popular show Cross Defense. St. Mark has set aside studio space for the show, and because so many of our local neighbors appreciated the brief comments Pr. Bramwell offered we’re happy to use it to also create KNCL‘s Canceled Christian Comments!

KNCL? Yeah, it’s made up. Have a little fun, friend. Oh, thanks for tuning in.

Ep. 12

Ferndale’s first official drag show happened at Ferndale’s Repertory Theatre on February 25, 2023. Let’s shine some light onto the performers of the show to see just how family-friendly drag really is. Caution: explicit content.

Ep. 11

Humboldt County’s Board of Supervisors joined the rulers whom the Lord holds in derision (Psalm 2) when they condemned as hate speech a warning against a drag show.

Ep. 10

I discovered another reason why I hate social media. Idleness, which leads to meddling. Our addiction to social media is strong, often running into the realm of idolatry, so I fully understand this will be a comment to cancel for many Christians.

Ep. 9

Standing up against evil isn’t safe. When you do it for the sake of your neighbors despite intimidation, it’s definitely not selfish. What is it? Well, in this case, it’s Christian.

Ep. 8

The Respect for Marriage Act has been signed into law. I am ashamed of America. I am, however, not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ nor of Holy Scripture. Join me in repenting of our sins, that we may avoid wrath and fury and instead live in the life and liberty of Jesus Christ.

Ep. 7

Redwood Pride hosted a DreamMaker Project at the Jefferson Community Center in Eureka, CA. It was a drag show with erotic dances performed in front of children. captured the footage and has been engaged in the fight to tell the truth about what happened with the protestors who have been portrayed as violent haters.

Ep. 6

California Governor, Gavin Newsom is publicly blaspheming our Lord Jesus Christ. May he reach repentance.

Ep. 5

School is back in session. In California that is a major problem for Christian parents who send their kids to public school. Lord, have mercy on our children.

Ep. 4

Have you heard John Rich’s new song, Progress? He identifies the problem we’re all facing in America. What is it? Godlessness. We need lawmakers and laws that revere and respect God’s revelation. If not His special revelation, at least His natural revelation.

Ep. 3

The President invoked God’s name when asking when we will change the carnage in our country. I want to know the answer to that question.

Ep. 2

Why speak against LGBTQ sins during “Pride Month”? Isn’t that insensitive?

Ep. 1

Inspiration from cancellation. Pastor Bramwell was canceled by KINS, picked up by KFUO, and imagines KNCL… Introducing your new source for brief Christian comments about the world around us.