From Pastor Bramwell’s Desk

Pastor Bramwell writes a letter to the members of St. Mark Lutheran Church every month. In August 2022 he started recording a video version.

March 2023

Why do we refrain from using the word alleluia during Lent?

February 2023

Revelation 21:7-8 tells us that it’s eternally detrimental to be cowardly. Thank the Lord, Christian, that you are not cowardly. You are courageous! When the world rages against you, you need not fear. God has given you the courage to stand before Him and confess your own individual sins. There is nothing cowardly about that.

January 2023

You are a partner in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Did you know that? Let’s look at St. Mark’s January calendar to see a glimpse of what that looks like.

December 2022

If the divinity of Christ terrifies you, if His majesty crushes you, then think on His humanity. Consider that God Almighty came to you as an infant. He loves you. At His Nativity, we see that Jesus came to comfort and confirm the repentant conscience.

November 2022

Scripture tells us not to be concerned with the perception of the world. It is God’s approval that we seek. To His glory, we do and say all that we do and say.

October 2022

Following Christ comes with persecution, and clinging to the cross does mean letting go of relationships and possessions. But it is not merely loss. In fact, it is the beginning of GREAT gain! Jesus promises that we will receive a hundredfold what we lose in this life and that receiving it occurs already in this time. Each Christian is a part of the fulfillment of that blessing.

September 2022

What is the point of education? If it is to gain knowledge and understanding, then it is incomplete without the Holy Scriptures. As our country returns to school this fall, let’s refocus our attention on our Christian education.

August 2022

What is the Office of the Keys? What is Confession? What is excommunication? I answer these questions in this video.