Listen, Watch, and Share.

We produce all of our audio and video projects to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our neighbors.

Cross Defense

KFUO Radio’s popular program is hosted by Rev. Tyrel Bramwell. Airs every Saturday at 9 AM (PSD). Also on-demand, podcast, and on YouTube.

Faithful Sermons

Pastor Bramwell preaches from the historic lectionary. His sermons are recorded for members who are unable to attend the Divine Service.

Canceled Christian Comments

A “conservative” radio station canceled Pastor Bramwell’s three-minute commentary on our contemporary culture. No problem.

The Ferndale Fortitude

The video version of the digital edition of the printed pamphlet that considers Ferndale’s rich history and the faith of our forefathers.

From Pastor Bramwell’s Desk

A monthly message from Pastor Bramwell to God’s saints.

In The Name of Jesus: Humboldt Sermon Reviews

Pastor Bramwell reviews Humboldt County sermons teaching us how to listen to sermons and test the spirits.

Winged Lion Stand Alone Video

An encouraging and somewhat cinematic video.

“Cross Defense is Baaaaaack!!!! God be praised!”

Philip Hahn