The Wicked Effects Wokeness has on Christianity

In the August 27, 2022, episode of Cross Defense, Wokeness is the Antithesis to Christianity (link above), Rev. Bramwell discussed the nine wicked effects wokeness is having on Christianity. He drew these effects from Owen Strachan’s book, Christianity and Wokeness. They’re listed below for your reference.

  1. Wokeness divides us from others.
  2. Wokeness leads us to condemn others in pride.
  3. Wokeness causes us to despise others.
  4. Wokeness robs us of joyful peace.
  5. Wokeness directs us away from the Gospel.
  6. Wokeness makes us bitter.
  7. Wokeness makes moving on from wrongs very hard.
  8. Wokeness veils God’s providence.
  9. Wokeness makes man big and God small.