You Will Never Be Forsaken | Sermon

Pastor Bramwell preached this sermon on John 6:1-15; Acts 2:41-47; and Isaiah 49:8-13 for Laetare Sunday (Fourth Sunday in Lent), March 27, 2022.

You Will Never Be Forsaken

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Sermon Notes

Those who trust in Jesus will never be _______________.

What does Acts 2:41 say happened to those who listened to Peter’s Pentecost sermon?

Whose responsibility is it to feed you? (See Matthew 6:25-34 for more on this)

One word captures what the Christians are doing in Acts 2:42, what is it?

What miracle do we witness every Sunday in the Divine Service? What miracle will we witness next week?

What darkness has Jesus called you out of?

What do we feed on as we come out of our darkness?

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