In 1999 and 2000 President Clinton declared June to be Gay & Lesbian Pride Month. President Obama declared June to be LGBTQ Pride Month each year he was in office from 2009 to 2016. Last year, President Biden followed suit with a slight adjustment to the declaration: LGBTQ+ Pride Month. It is now the norm for companies and corporations to alter their logos to reflect their support of Pride Month. Seasonal products are sold in stores. Individuals and institutions hoist the rainbow flag to signal their allegiances.

And it’s not just a June thing. The LGBTQ topic is a mainstay in the news, entertainment,
education, and every other nook and cranny of our society.

However, none of these cultural endorsements change what God’s Word says about LGBTQ
sins or any sin. Our neighbors have been lied to by the devil and as Christ’s commissioned
church we are compelled by His love to address the lies head-on, shining God’s light into the darkness, bringing His Law to the lost and the truth of His life-giving Gospel to anyone and everyone dead in trespasses and sin.

Pastor Bramwell has prepared a four-part sermon series titled Rescued from Sin’s Rainbow for June. Using the church’s historic lectionary he will address the multiplicity of sins promoted during “Pride Month” as well as other sins often connected to the Pride movement. In doing so, he will bring the Law to bear on our hearts and prepare the repentant to receive the good news that we have been Rescued from Sin’s Rainbow.

June 5, 2022 | Pentecost Day

June 12, 2022 | Holy Trinity

June 19, 2022 | Trinity 1

June 26, 2022 | Trinity 2

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