B-90 Proper 23 (LHP) (Mk 10.17-22)Having received the gracious generosity of the Father, who is the giver of every good and perfect gift, we now give of the gifts which He has given us. Following the pattern of the apostolic Church we joyfully give gifts to support the proclamation of the Gospel and works of mercy among those in need. The offering symbolizes our Christian lives of spiritual worship offered in response to God and unites us in an act of fellowship (2 Corinthians 8-9, Romans 12:1; Acts 2:42-47).

It is interesting to note that bread and wine were among the gifts given by the early church, some of which was to be used in the Sacrament revealing the depth of the congregation’s fellowship. They were offered as a sacrifice of thanksgiving  to the Lord that by means of them He would accomplish His purpose and bless His people through the Eucharist, which is Greek for “thanksgiving.” Some congregations have retained this aspect of the offering in their local custom and present the bread and wine for the Lord’s Supper at the same time as the collection plates.